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    1974 Boler - Custom Frame-up Redesign & Build

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    1974 Boler - Custom Frame-up Redesign & Build

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    VOLVORD - 1989 Volvo 740 - 400 HP Ford 302 & more ...

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I am a Proud Canadian.  We live in a beautiful country that has breathtaking scenery, fresh air and friendly people.  The skies are blue and the water crystal clear, the summers are warm and yes, the winters are long cold .  During those long cold winters I like building and designing stuff, building with wood, building with metal, building with plastic. Designing furniture, mechanical items, car modifications, unique & crazy inventions.

When I buy something I usually change or modify it thinking you can always make it better, all it takes is an idea and a little work.  I make mistakes, I learn from those mistakes.

This site is place for me to share:

Latest from the Blog

Boler Buyer Guide
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Buyers Guide to Common Boler Trailer Problems by Ian Giles  www.Boler-Camping.com  © With the high demand for these vintage trailers they sell quickly, the supply and demand limits the amount of price negotiations... Read More

V8 Volvo 740
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I love cars, all types. Over the past 25+ years I have owned 40+ varied vehicles, from a 67 Austin Healey, a ’69 GTO, to a Caprice Estate Wagon, and a Mini Cooper,... Read More

Scissor Table Leg Design
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    Thinking a folding leg system would be the best solution I designed a prototype of the bi-fold legs that are hinged at the top, middle and bottom. To fold the table... Read More