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Volvo V8 Start-up after sitting 8+ years

A project I completed many years ago, a healthy Ford small block V8 installed into a a 1989 Volvo 740.  I enjoyed many good years and miles driving this car to shows and event, but life and a few mechanical issues got in the way.  With a leaking rad and other priorities the Volvord was parked and has been sitting since 2012.  This is the year to get it back on the road, new custom aluminum radiator is installed, updated and rebuilt carb installed, pre-startup oil change, engine check over complete.

The small block Ford jumps back to life after over 8 years of sitting and collecting dust and dirt.

Next checking the rest of the car, suspension, brakes, etc.  Then the long process of bringing the shine back to the aluminum and paint.

For more info on the Volvord and the conversion www.Volvord.com

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  1. andy greene
    | Reply

    Did you also install a Ford transmission or stick with the stock Volvo transmission?

    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      The trany is a Ford Racing T5Z close ration 5 speed with a 2.93 first gear (tall first gear). Original Volvo Dana 30 rear end with TruTrac torsion limited slip and reinforced subframe connectors. Full specification are at http://www.Volvord.com

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