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The information contained in this blog does not contain explicit instructions or safety/hazard precautions. It is meant show you some projects I have built and my solutions to problems. If you don’t know what you are doing or don’t know what dangers can exist PLEASE don’t try any of these projects without consulting a professional.

Volvo V8 Start-up after sitting 8+ years

A project I completed many years ago, a healthy Ford small block V8 installed into a a 1989 Volvo 740.  I enjoyed many good years and miles driving this car to shows and event, but life and a few mechanical issues got in the way.  With a leaking rad and other priorities the Volvord was parked and has been sitting since 2012.  This is the year to get it back on the road, new custom aluminum radiator is installed, updated … Read More

Reclining Bed Modification in our Escape 19

Camping is spending lots of time outside, exploring, hiking, cooking, relaxing so I know the first question is “Why?” . There are times when we have hook-ups and in the evening we enjoy a little TV later in the evening, I am also a huge F1 fan and on the rare occasion I am able to watch the race. We all know how awkward and uncomfortable propping a pillow up against the wall is, and those blind cord anchors can … Read More

Boler Buyer Guide

Buyers Guide to Common Boler Trailer Problems by Ian Giles © With the high demand for these vintage trailers they sell quickly, the supply and demand limits the amount of price negotiations a buyer can offer, if you don’t buy it the next person probably will. I often get asked what to look for when buying a used Boler, there are a number of checklists available but my thoughts are “what good is a checklist if you don’t know what … Read More

Scissor Table Leg Design

    Thinking a folding leg system would be the best solution I designed a prototype of the bi-fold legs that are hinged at the top, middle and bottom. To fold the table you simply fold the back legs in half then the front leg, and voilà it should be that simple. This design worked very good, easy to set-up and put down and also very stable. To lock the legs in the upright position spring latches opposite the hinges … Read More

2014 Escape 19′ Build

Everyone needs more than one fiberglass trailer. Earlier this year we made the decision to add an Escape 19′ molded fiberglass trailer to use for longer trips and a traveling home away from home, especially as we look forward towards retirement. Since we entered the molded fiberglass trailer world, first with our Boler then with a Casita Freedom Deluxe we soon discovered that in our minds the Escape Trailer Industries product was the Cadillac. In fact many changes, upgrades and … Read More

Share Your Boler Modifications

Send me either information on your custom Boler or the modifications you have made either by documenting it in this post or by sending me a links to your custom Boler or modifications. These could be featured articles. Just reply to this post

DIY Power Trailer Dolly

This trailer dolly is built using parts available at Princess Auto (in Canada) and probably Harbour Freight in the US. Parts list: 2000 lb ATV winch 16 tooth #40 drive gear 54 tooth #40 driven gear 3/4″ keyed drive axle 2- 3/4″ pillow block bearings Hitch ball Wheels & hub that key to axle Keyed hubs for gears Pivot wheel (make sure it will carry the weight Metal for frame The frame is built from some scrap 3″x4″x 3/8″ thick … Read More

Laser Leveling for your Trailer

One day I thought there has to be an easier way to check the level of the trailer when setting up camp. We currently use a bubble level on the counter but this requires adjusting one corner or end then running inside the trailer to check the level … running to the appropriate corner to make an adjustment … running back to check. This sounds more like an exercise program that the simple task of leveling your trailer. I came … Read More

Rebuilding Boler Jalousie Windows

The side windows used on Vintage Boler trailers are known as Jalousie Windows. Although they may not look modern they are in fact a very efficient design for two main reasons. First the window fully opens; sliding windows including the modern radius corner windows only half opens. Secondly the way the window opens, as a awning, naturally sheds the water so they can be left open and in most cases rain will not get in. I recently had the opportunity … Read More

Polishing Cast Aluminum Boler Door Hinge

    Much of the trim on my fiberglass Boler trailer is aluminum, the window frames and belly band are extruded aluminum while the door hinges are cast aluminum. With a little work and some common tools you can turn a dull rough cast hinge into a shiny custom part. The original mill finish aluminum under a microscope actually has a surface that looks like small hairs, each of these hairs increase the exposed surface area and will oxidize causing … Read More

Camping List

I am not a big fan of lists, but when preparing for any trip away from home I have definitely learned that it is better to double check that you have everything you need with you rather than discovering that key item is missing … usually this discovery is made precisely when you needed it. Because my memory is not what it once was I have developed this list over the past few seasons and refer to it prior to … Read More

Mexican Bathroom Renovation

  A single item can become the inspiration for a complete design. When it came time to renovate our main bathroom we were looking for ideas and themes. While I was randomly looking at fixtures on Ebay I came across an incredible hand hammered copper sink from Mexico, the inspiration for the design. Over the next few weeks the ordinary and outdated bathroom was transformed, a faux beam was installed that contained two arches, one framing the vanity the other framing the shower entrance. Rustic … Read More

4 Poster Oak Captain Bed

I made this solid Oak 4 poster captains bed for my son as his first “real” bed. It has curved raised panel head and foot boards, the drawers are a full 32″+ deep on 150 lb full extension slides Drawer fronts are also raised panel, drawer interior is Baltic birch with dovetail joints.  

Perfect Camping Coffee

Making perfect coffee is a very subjective topic, everyone has a preferred make of coffee, strength, and brewing method. I love coffee and have had excellent perked coffee, drip coffee, pressed coffee but when camping we have found one method that makes the best tasting and consistent coffee, even better than our $300 commercial machine at home. The AeroPress “It’s unique brewing method gives the richest coffee flavour, with less bitterness and acidity, and no grounds left in your cup!” … Read More

LED Lighting – Adapting Kitchen Undercounter Pucklights

We all know the advantages of LED lights, the main ones are they draw very little power and they last a long time. You can buy LED bulbs as replacements for most standard automotive and RV light fixtures, but I personally hate the looks and the poor quality of RV plastic RV light fixtures. Most low voltage lighting, including many LED packages, sold for household use often under cabinets in kitchens are 12V DC, check the packaging or the label on … Read More

Boler External Water Reservoir

Replacing the original fresh water tank with an inexpensive solution that actually keeps the water cool and tasting good. Originally my Boler had a 10 gallon fresh water tank mounted under the rear frame, sometime in the past it was damaged, probably from bottoming out on a ramp. I didn’t want the same type of tank because they increase the weight of the trailer by at least 100 lbs, the water always has that “plastic” taste, and you cannot thoroughly … Read More