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2014 Escape 19′ Build

Everyone needs more than one fiberglass trailer. Earlier this year we made the decision to add an Escape 19′ molded fiberglass trailer to use for longer trips and a traveling home away from home, especially as we look forward towards retirement. Since we entered the molded fiberglass trailer world, first with our Boler then with a Casita Freedom Deluxe we soon discovered that in our minds the Escape Trailer Industries product was the Cadillac. In fact many changes, upgrades and design features I thought I had “invented” when I built the Boler were the way Escape made their trailers.

The Escape trailer produced by Escape Trailer Industries in Chilliwack B.C. is another Proud-Canadian success story. Visit the following link to read their story and the models they produce.


(Escape Logo)




The following is a pictorial diary of the building of our custom 19′ “Proud-Canadian” Escape trailer.

Week 1

Fresh out of the mold construction starts.

Looking towards the rear, this will be the queen size bed

Front corner, 2 right windows are in the dinette.

Smaller left window is in the bathroom


Looking up, blocking is for connecting cabinets, lighting, etc.

This strategically placed blocking eliminates any rivets through the shell

Right window is the bathroom, left window is the end of the bed.

Strapping on the wall from left to right: fridge cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom



Week 2

Not a lot has changed on the outside, but a hint of cabinetry is visible on the inside

Looking forward towards the front window, you can see the extra insulation added along with the upper cabinets

The power distribution, converter and battery disconnect switch is located under the front dinette seat


The left opening is for the 6.7 cu/ft fridge, below is a small cupboard

To the right is the wardrobe with a drawer below it, the furnace is at the bottom

The kitchen is taking shape, we custom designed this with wider drawers and aligning the centre stile to be continuous from top to bottom.

Combination bathroom, shower is taking shape


Platform for the queen size bed, not sure what we will do with all the storage.

Week 3


Considering this was a short 4 day week and lot of work was completed
Thermal windows, graphics, storage box awning all installed


High mount brake lights, opening kitchen window


front left corner, notice the LED lighting


Front right corner, these are the dinette seats


Counter top installed, fridge, and the heads of two hard-working ETI crafts-person’s


Notice the wider upper cabinet door, normal is 24″ we ordered 36″. Looks great!!!


Cannot see the toilet but the rest of the plumbing is there,
also the furnace is installed under the wardrobe

Week 4

Our finished Escape
It is fun trying to spot all the items on our build sheet

Aluminum wheels, storage box, electric jack, …

Our custom table legs, (noticed the dinette cushions on the bed)
Love how bright it is inside

The kitchen has more stainless than we have in our kitchen at home


Build Sheet

  • 2-Way Hot Water Tank
  • 2 Burner Stainless Steel Stove & Range hood
  • Turn Stove 90 degrees
  • 6.7cuft Fridge
  • Texas Fridge Fan
  • Additional 12 Volt Interior Outlet beside coaxial Cable
  • Use 14 gauge wiring for 12V
  • Additional Set LED Brake Lights ( Vertical )
  • Additional OPENING Window over sink
  • Air Conditioner (11,000 BTU) Dometic
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Install Heat Strip in A/C
  • 5 Aluminum Rims
  • Bike Rack Ready
  • Cabinet Door at end of Bench
  • 1 Additional Drawer Under Wardrobe
  • Dual 6V Batteries ( 232 amp hrs )
  • Anderson Hitch
  • Exterior shower added to interior shower pkg
  • Exterior 12V Outlet
  • Extra Insulation & Thermal Windows
  • LED Interior Light Package
  • 2 LED Exterior Light – Driver & Passenger Side
  • Additional LED Exterior Lamp above Storage Box
  • Opening Window in Bathroom


  • Propane Tanks – Filled
  • Reinforce 2 Walls 1 & 5
  • Removable Power Cord
  • Stainless Steel Sink & Chrome Faucet
  • Install Stereo w/ wire to BOTH front and rear O/H Cabinets
  • Stove Cover
  • Storage Box
  • Surge Protector
  • Jack’ TV Antenna with 120V (Standard Location)
  • Wall Mount Extendable TV Arm (For 15″ – 22″ TVs)
  • 2 – 12V Heat Pads with Spray Foam Insulation
  • Use BLACK trim on Counters
  • Foot Flush Toilet
  • Electric Tongue Jack
  • Interior Switch for Ceiling Light
  • 36″ Wide Cabinet Door in Rear O/H in Bed area
  • Custom Kitchen Cabinet – See picture in file
  • Toilet Shut off Valve
  • Set of Sand Pads
  • 12V Drop under bed near speaker wire
  • Battleship Gray graphics
  • Custom CUSHIONS to have fabric on both sides (no vinyl) no custom fabric,
  • Install Customer Supplied Table Legs Do not install pedestal


18 Responses

  1. Vinny
    | Reply

    How do I follow this blog? Love it!

    • Ian (Admin)
      | Reply

      Thank you Vinny, I am checking your great request out and will probably be adding a “Follow” option as soon as I find an appropriate widget.

      • Ian (Admin)
        | Reply

        You can now subscribe by email to the blogs, thank you for the suggestion Vinny

  2. Jeff King
    | Reply

    This is a very thoughtful build sheet, Ian. Thank you for sharing it. My wife and I were at the factory two days ago and we ordered a 19. It won’t be complete until August so we have time to consider options. May I email you directly with a few specific questions about your build? Thanks – Jeff

    • Ian (Admin)
      | Reply

      Thank you Jeff
      Yes you are welcome to email me directly Hello[at]Proud-Canadian[dot]com
      Our experience with our Boler and Casita helped identify how we camp/travel and what we needed.
      We then worked extensively with Reace, Tammy and team on our final decisions

  3. David Whiting
    | Reply

    Hi Ian
    My wife and I are finalizing our build list for an Escape 19. Deadline for us is Nov 1. Get delivery Jan 31, 2015.
    A few questions: What were the reasons you went for a wider opening for the storage above the back window?
    How do you see using an exterior 12V outlet? What are Sand Pads?

    thanks for your blog


    • Ian (Admin)
      | Reply

      Hello David
      Happy to answer any questions.

      The wider door is simply to provide better and easier access to the upper storage. The standard door is only 24″ wide so that leaves an additional 6″ that are “tucked” behind each side bulkhead. Please realize that with the wider door you cannot install the stereo speakers on each side of the door. We have satellite speakers which will be mounted under the cabinet

      We “live” outside when we are camping, the 12V outlets gives us options for charging cell phones or having a small 12V radio outside while sitting under the awning.

      Sand pads are round pads that connect to the stabilizer legs, the distribute the load and prevent the stabilizers from sinking into softer ground.

  4. Ian (Admin)
    | Reply

    October 24, 2014
    Updated the 2014 Escape 19′ Build blog with more pictures

  5. Lyle
    | Reply

    Your trailer looks great Ian. Congratulations.

    I love the look of all that stainless steel in the galley. Ours will be the same.

    The Battleship Grey graphics are very classy.

    • Ian (Admin)
      | Reply

      Thanks Lyle
      The stainless looks great and will last forever, the sink in our Boler was 40 years old and cleaned up like new.
      With the stove turned 90 deg there is even a usable amount of counter space.

  6. Gae Stovall
    | Reply

    Love your site, Ian, and all the info you have shared–here and on the Escape Forum. My husband (Ike) and I are getting final choices together for our build, a 19 footer to be picked up in April. Adored our Casita LD, but LOVE the Escape! This is a huge deal for us and we’ll be traveling from north Georgia to BC to pick her up. We’ll stick around for the rally in May and hopefully will have a chance to meet you there. All the best and thanks again for the building tips and lists you have shared. Peace, Gae

    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      Congratulations on your Escape 19 …. I enjoy sharing and helping others, I am so glad you enjoy my website.
      We are picking up our Escape 19 just prior to the rally so we WILL see you there, come on by for a glass of wine.
      Looking forward to meeting you both.

  7. Mike F.
    | Reply

    Ian. do you have the actual plans with dimensions for the new trailer frame for the boler

    I would love to get them. willing to even pay!

    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      Hello Mike
      Thank you for the offer to pay but that is not necessary, the goal of both my websites is to help and motivate people and have them complete any maintenance, repairs or modification properly and safely.
      I have added a drawing with measurements to the bottom of the Boler frame build page. I have not completed this article with detailed text but with the measurements, the drawing and the pictures you should be able to recreate the frame.
      Please double check your critical frame measurements, because the Boler was made over a number of years and a different factories there could be variations.

  8. AJnK
    | Reply

    Love your little Boler!! Tell me more about the extra insulation and thermal windows. Does the entire shell have extra insulation?

    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      Thanks for the Boler comments, we love it also.
      Yes the entire shell on the Escape is insulated plus we added the spray foam insulation under the trailer which essentially insulates the entire trailer. The thermo windows are a dual pane design which again increase the insulating value plus it also increases the soundproofing.

  9. Bobo
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for your response about our recently ordered 19′ Escape. You have given us much to ponder plus a map to follow.
    thank you,

    Bob and Marilyn Almquist
    Bend, Or

    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      You are welcome, we hope to meet you out on the road camping next season.

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