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Laser Leveling for your Trailer

One day I thought there has to be an easier way to check the level of the trailer when setting up camp.
We currently use a bubble level on the counter but this requires adjusting one corner or end then running inside the trailer to check the level … running to the appropriate corner to make an adjustment … running back to check.
This sounds more like an exercise program that the simple task of leveling your trailer.
I came up with this unique solution, by using a self-leveling laser level I set it up so it could be swiveled to aim at the side wall and to the back wall inside the trailer.
Mount the bracket and laser to an appropriate location, one that can allow you to see the laser lines on the inside walls by looking through windows close to your leveling points.
Making sure the trailer is leveled using the conventional bubble levels, and then place small reference marks on the walls that aligns with the laser cross-hairs.
Now when I pull into a campsite I turn the laser on and point it at the side wall, immediately I know how many blocks I need under the tires to get close to level.
With the trailer on the leveling blocks I can look through the back window and adjust the side-to-side level, then I swing the laser to aim at the rear wall and looking through the front window I level the trailer back to front.


Small auto levaling laser level with hinger bracket


End of bracket drilled for 1/4″ bolt

sm_P1070062Mounted on top of closet


Close up of completed installation


View of laser lines on side wall


View of laser lines on back wall


Target for laser after leveling trailer with bubble level.

From now on all I have to do is center the laser lines for a perfectly level trailer.

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