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LED Lighting – Adapting Kitchen Undercounter Pucklights

We all know the advantages of LED lights, the main ones are they draw very little power and they last a long time. You can buy LED bulbs as replacements for most standard automotive and RV light fixtures, but I personally hate the looks and the poor quality of RV plastic RV light fixtures.

Most low voltage lighting, including many LED packages, sold for household use often under cabinets in kitchens are 12V DC, check the packaging or the label on the transformer, if it say 12V DC you can use it. The lighting I am using in my Boler consists of 12V LED lights designed for kitchen under counter from Rona (Canadian equivalent to Home Depot).
There are 4 bright puck lights (2 on each side mid-cabin) that provide very good general task and work lighting. We have used these at dusk right through to total darkness and they provide all the light that is needed to cook, play cards or read.

In between the bright lights are 2 low intensity lights (one on each side) that provide enough light to get ready for bed or check the time at night.

To wire these lights in you do not need the transformer that comes with the kit, just wire them directly to a switch that is connected to the battery positive. Connect the negative to the battery ground. One thing to keep in mind when you are wiring LED lights, most are polarity sensitive. To identify which wire is positive and which is negative connect a voltmeter to the 12V output of the transformer (be very careful, don’t touch any bare wires with your fingers).

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  1. David
    | Reply

    Ikea is also a good source for LED lights.

  2. Jim Cunningham
    | Reply

    Looking for door hinge brass ball , spring, bolt and window cranks for my ‘ 76 1300 Boler. tks.

    • Ian (Admin)
      | Reply

      There are 3 main sources for the parts needed to rebuild the Boler hinge
      1) rebuild kits are available through Scamp Trailer and Paul Neumeister – although check the prices first $$$

      2) I understand Land Rover hinge repair kits work and at a fraction of the price. I believe the Part number is:330953/7
      Fits: Defender 1987> (rear end door).
      Land Rover series 1, 2, 2a and 3 1958 – 71 (all doors).
      Series 3 1971> rear door only

      3) third method is a little red neck but you can take apart a 1/2″ ball valve like those used for household tap shut-off etc.
      The ball is the correct size and works well, just realize that the ball is now stainless steel and will last forever BUT now the aluminum on the hinge is softer and will wear.

      p.s. Jim, I am writing a blog section on Boler hinges and door adjustment, I will move your comment to that post as soon as I complete it. Thanks for the post

  3. Caryl Anne
    | Reply

    In my opinion, it’s a great idea to try and switch out any and all lighting to LED because it does help to save on energy, which is less costly and better for the environment. Thanks for sharing!

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