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Rebuilding Boler Jalousie Windows

The side windows used on Vintage Boler trailers are known as Jalousie Windows. Although they may not look modern they are in fact a very efficient design for two main reasons.

First the window fully opens; sliding windows including the modern radius corner windows only half opens.

Secondly the way the window opens, as a awning, naturally sheds the water so they can be left open and in most cases rain will not get in.

I recently had the opportunity to rebuilt the Jalousie windows in my Boler to replace all the seals and gaskets and to polish all the aluminum since I had taken them out while the Boler was being repainted.




Disassembly of the windows is quite straight forward, the following video demonstrates how to disassemble, please excuse my poor acting.

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  1. Shawn Boesen
    | Reply

    The top rain seal for your Windows? Where did you purchase those? I own a 79 VW Camper with these similar jalouise windows and the top “rain” seal is becoming more brittle and would like to replace them on my two windows.

    • Ian (Admin)
      | Reply

      Hi Shawn
      You can buy all the seals through Vintage Trailer Supply
      The attached link is for the header seal you are probably looking for but they have the side and bottom seals also
      Vintage Trailer Supply Jalousie Header Seal

      • Bill
        | Reply

        Could you be so kind as to tell me which bottom and side seals you used to replace your jalousie window seals with? I looked around on vintage trailer supply and there isn’t an exact replacement. In your video the one you removed looks very similar to the ones I have in my trailer windows now. Thanks so much!!

        • Ian (Admin)
          | Reply

          Hi Bill
          The bottom and side seals I used were from Vintage Trailer Supply and were exactly the same as the original.
          I also used that seal on the lower lip of the upper window panel and it did not seal the aluminum frames together very well. For that location I used a small “d” seal adhesive weatherstripping I found at Home Depot, seal perfectly.

          Link to Side and Bottom seal

  2. Theresa
    | Reply

    Thanks for all this info!
    Did you also replace the black trim that covers the screws on the outside once the windows were reinstalled? If so where did you order that from? Also, what did you use and how did you clean the aluminum?

    • Ian (Admin)
      | Reply

      Hello Theresa
      Yes I did replace the black cover molding. This should be available from any local RV service depot, they buy it in 100′ to 1000′ rolls. It comes in several widths so if you can bring a sample of your old one in that is the best. Polishing the aluminum is a very labour intensive job (not to mention very messy). The process I used is identicle to how I polished the hinges except there is no need to grind or sand, all the polishing is done using the buffing wheel and compound. Here is the link to the polishing page:
      Link to Polishing Aluminum

  3. Cassia Kantrow
    | Reply

    Hi Ian. Thanks for this! My next Trillium project is restoration of the jalousie windows. You mention in one of your posts the intention of posting a video of the reassembly. Did you make one? Thanks!

    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      Hi Cassia, Sorry but I have not had the time to make the “reassembly” video yet …. it is on my to-do list 🙂

  4. Chris
    | Reply

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for the alloy pins that the jalousie windows pivot on 1978 Neonex Boler with Jalousie dining (side) windows. A couple have broken and it looks as if they can be replaced. I just can’t find them anywhere online. Any help would be great. I live in The Okanagan’s, BC



    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      Hi Chris, You describe a common problem where the pivot pin on the cast aluminum hinges will break. The hinges are sold in pairs and are very inexpensive, the common replacement is Strybuc #835, the number 835 can be followed by either a C or a P this is just the packaging suffix. They are available online and also most RV parts departments will either have them or can order them in. An example https://vintagetrailersupply.com/835-philips-hinges-pair-vts-846/
      They should be attached to the side arm using a Tubular Rivet, these are hardened and designed to not clamp tight, allowing the hinge to move freely, you will also need a setting tool https://vintagetrailersupply.com/tubular-rivets-for-jalousie-clips-vts-963/ and https://vintagetrailersupply.com/hand-rivet-clincher-for-5-32-tubular-rivets-itm-963/
      This information is available on my Boler.ca site, the FAQ post lists many common repairs

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