Mexican Bathroom Renovation


A single item can become the inspiration for a complete design.

When it came time to renovate our main bathroom we were looking for ideas and themes.

While I was randomly looking at fixtures on Ebay I came across an incredible hand hammered copper sink from Mexico, the inspiration for the design.

Over the next few weeks the ordinary and outdated bathroom was transformed, a faux beam was installed that contained two arches, one framing the vanity the other framing the shower entrance. Rustic tiles were installed on the floor, and walls and includes arched accents on the side walls.

The shower measuring 34″x44″ is built using the Kerdi waterproofing system and features a mosaic pattern of tile on the back wall, inset shelves, copper fixtures with Grohe valves, and custom arched glass doors.

For the custom vanity and overhead cabinet I used cedar, distressing all the surfaces with a wire brush and finishing it with a complimentary dark stain and flat polyurethane. The final touches are the antiqued hardware.



Shower with Kerdi waterproofing system


Shower w/ custom arched glass doors

P1040573Toilet by Toto

P1000341Shower mosaic detail


Vanity w/ overhead cabinet

P1040576Distressed wood & hardware