Follow us as we explore the USA on a 10,000 km road trip.

May 6, 2019

Calgary AB – Estevan, SK

Mileage:  580 miles (9h 30m)

Our journey begins

A day before we depart we were hit by a spring blizzard, the snow is slowly melting and the roads should be clear and dry. The first day is a bit of a push to get close to the US border at Portal.  We have crossed the border enough times to know that bringing food across can be a concern so our fridge and cupboards are empty, we will stock up on supplies once we enter the USA.

We hit the road early, ….,

We left Calgary @ 6:00a.m.,  the weather was clear and road good on the 11 hour journey to Estevan SK.  We stayed overnight at the Windham Super 8 motel …. Why a motel when we have the trailer? All the campgrounds in the area don’t open until the May long weekend.  Dinner was at Eddy Webster’s, we were both ready for a cold beer and the food was excellent, Joan had the cheeseburger and I had the Italian stuffed chicken, both were excellent.

The one interesting part of the trip was when I checked the trailer in Brooks I discovered our power reclining bed was in the full upright position, I guess the “up” button on the remote was activated in the drawer … the remote was moved to another “safer” location

Accomodation: Windham Super 8 motel

Excellent motel, clean & quiet, large room, complimentary breakfast including coffee, tea & juice, cold cereal, toast, bagels, DIY waffles and French toast

May 7, 2019

Estevan, SK – Jamestown ND

Mileage: 290 miles (4h 45m)
Pelican Point Campground Jamestown ND

The drive today was a little shorter, about 6 hours to Pelican Point Campground just outside of Jamestown SD, there was one other trailer in the campground so we selected a nice site with a view of the reservoir.  After setting up camp we drove into Jamestown, we needed to shop for groceries and decided to have dinner at the local burger joint, Johnny B’s. All we can say is if you travel through Jamestown ND you have to stop at Johnny B’s.  24 beer on tap and an extensive 4 page menu, half being pizza and some very unique combinations. Looking through the pizzas Joan and I felt adventurous so we ordered the Johnny B’s Cheeseburger Pizza and we added the optional Seasoned Fries (on top of the pizza) on a hand tossed crust.   OMG it was awesome, and the local Fargo Brewing Company, Stone’s Throw Scottish Ale was a delicious combination.

The campground, Pelican Point, was just OK, the maintenance staff were getting ready for the summer season, they were raking leaves and burning them which resulted in the campground filled with smoke from the smouldering leaves.  Overnight the rain showers started,, the good news is this eliminated the smoke, the bad news is it was raining which means ….. wet and cool close to freezing overnight.

May 8, 2019

Jamestown ND – Sioux Falls SD

Mileage: 320 miles (5h 0m)
Tower Campground Sioux Falls ND

We both slept well the first night in the trailer waking up to a light drizzle.  In the morning we packed up, had some breakfast and headed out at about 9;00 a.m..  Our destination today is Sioux Falls, about a 6 hour drive. Rained the entire way. Only excitement today were the towing mirrors and trailer hitch.  I bought small towing mirrors to extend the vision behind the trailer, but with the rain and spray from oncoming tractor trailer units would cause the drivers side mirror to fold flat each time, I soon pulled over and removed the drivers side … don’t really need it anyway.  We use an Andersen Weight Distribution hitch system which is a unique design using chains and a friction cone to control sway. The design is great in concept but the application has some challenges. In the past we have experiences loud creaking noises from the anti-sway system when it get wet …. think horror movie inter-sanctum that is loud enough that every resident and passer by within 2 blocks looks your way when you turn the corner …. The new “improved” friction cone I installed just before we left didn’t solve this problem.  I will fix it, but it is raining so maybe tomorrow, the repair is taking the hitch system apart and applying a little lubricant to the friction cone surface, this reduces the effectiveness of the anti-sway but does stop the very embarrassing noise.

It seems that many campgrounds are located close to the railway tracks, this is something I look for on a map when scouting out campgrounds, note to self, also check the location to the airport. Tower campground is very close to the Sioux Falls airport which means airplanes are either landing or taking off right over the campground.

May 7, 2019

Sioux Falls SD – Mt Pleasant, Iowa

Mileage: 420 miles (6h 30m)
Crossroads RV Park Mt Pleasant, Iowa

Nothing really to say about this leg of the trip.  Weather was cloudy, overcast and some rain, long drive with rougher roads so we were tired.   The campground, Crossroads RV Park, was an OK stop for the one night, we are not fans of the “parking lot style” campsites but for one night in the rain it is great not having to unhook.  The sites are level and saves time in the morning moving onto the next location.

Mt Pleasant, Iowa – Mt Vernon, Illinois

May 10 MILEAGE:  300 (5h 00m)

  • Archway RV Park
    4810 Broadway,  Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Woke up today to sunny blue skies, a nice change from the rain and cooler temperatures we have had to far.  Another 6 hour drive today to Mt Vernon Illinois, on the route we crossed the Mississippi river which was very high and overflowing the banks.  

Mt Vernon, Illinois – Nashville TN

May 11 MILEAGE:  235 (3h 30m)

Cages Bend Campground,   Old Hickory Lake


May 11

Arrived at Cages Bend Campground, beautiful spot. When I reserved our site i looked at Google maps as well as what was available and decided site #1 looked good, at it turns out we think it is one of the best sites in the campground.  Although situated just inside the entrance gate it is very private, close enough to the washrooms but lots of space and far away from the playground. The sites closer to the water are are close together and noisier.

After setting up camp we went into Gallatin to explore, decided to walk around ( I decided to walk, Joan wanted to drive)… during our “walk” there was a major downpour and we got soaked, including money, clothes, passports, ……   We ended up at Chubbs BBQ and had a well deserved beer and St Louis ribs, $39.00 total, highly recommended.

May 12

Went into Nashville and toured the Grand Ole Opry,  Excellent tour!!!!!. Then drove around Nashville to get an idea of the town and what to see.  Dinner was at Logan’s Roadhouse, if we keep eating like this we will both be slightly larger by the end of the trip

May 13

Today felt like the first real day we could relax, slept in some, enjoyed 2 cups of hand pressed coffee and around noonish drove into nashville to experience Broadway, the main street where every bar features live entertainment.  I should add that the entertainment is not only at every bar but on every floor of every bar so you can choose your music. Our first stop was Tin Pan Alley (?), the threesome “cover band” played everything from country to rock, such talent.

Second stop was Tootsies, 2 individual artists playing everything from  bluegrass to Pink Floyd, all to a country beat …

Parking in nashville is almost as bad as Calgary, not many parking lots and high prices, we found a spot at the end of Broadway for $25 for 3 hours, probably could have found cheaper but it was convenient.  

Nashville has great beer but the wine selection is limited after eating far too much for the last couple days along with the local brew we finally enjoyed a nice glass of wine together, and had a lighter dinner of left over St Louis ribs in baked beans.  

May 14

Woke up this morning to blue skies and the warmest temperatures of the trip, mid 70’s.   Back to Broadway to experience more of tomorrow’s stars, we started at Nudies listening to a 5 piece country group while we downed a burger and beer, then moved across the street to Legends Corner with an awesome 4 piece that met on the stage, a female vocalist, electric guitar, bass and drums …. and of course another beer.

We had a great time in Nashville, back at the campsite we start straightening out and packing, tomorrow we move onto Lake Guntersville State Park for the Oliver Trailer rally.  

Nashville TN – Lake Guntersville State Park:

May 15 MILEAGE:  190 miles (3h 20m)

Lake Guntersville State Park: Campground, 24 State Campground Rd, Guntersville, AL 35976, USA

Lake Guntersville State Park – Charlotte, NC

May 22 MILEAGE:  380 (6h 20m)


4800 South Tryon Street

Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

Charlotte, NC – Myrtle Beach, SC

May 27 MILEAGE:  185 (3h 30m)

Ocean 22 by HGVC
2200 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC – Savannah, GA

June 2 MILEAGE:  210 (4h 0m)

Olde Harbour Inn
508 East Factors Walk,  Savannah, GA 31401

Savannah, GA – Augusta, GA  

June 3 MILEAGE:  130 (2h 30m)

Lookaway Inn
103 W Forest Ave, North Augusta, SC