I know Jason and Mike Jong through social media and their company, they manufacture the Armadillo Trailer, a very “classy” update to the Lil Bigfoot which was an adaptation of the original 1970’s Boler. When an invitation came to visit their studio in Enderby B.C. we jumped at the opportunity, the chance to meet Jason & Mike in person and view the construction of their Armadillo Trailers. Let’s answer that probing question right now and get it out of the way, no we are not buying another trailer, at least not right now, but we are looking forward to meeting with Jason & Mike to talk trailers, ideas, and future offerings.

A look at the brand new Armadillo Trailers, we couldn’t show you the secret one hidden at the end

The beautiful interiors, and the coolest under trailer storage box (I just happen to know that it can be adapted to carry wine)

Thank you Jason, Mike, and Dave for a wonderful visit, hope to see you again soon.



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  1. Michael Medvec, Sr.
    | Reply

    What is the cost of these compared to the other bubble trailers.

    • Ian G.
      | Reply

      All moulded fibreglass trailers are considerably more expensive than a standard stick or slab built trailer, but take into consideration that moulded fibreglass trailers are literally hand built, you can often have it customized to your requirements, the resale value is exceptionally high, and they last a very long time (one of my current trailers is a 1974 Boler). For specific prices on the Armadillo trailer please contact them directly https://www.armadillotrailers.net/

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